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Tiernan TDR4022 DVB Professional MPEG-2 Integrated Receiver/Decoder Norsat® 8515 C-Band Digital DRO LNB

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Our Price: $124.00
Sale Price: $104.00
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The TDR4022 MPEG-2 IRD delivers features and performance collected over years of leadership in the Broadcast Contribution and Satellite Modem business. Tiernan technology enabled the first commercial deployment of 4:2:2 MPEG-2 video compression/decompression in 1997 and continues today with advanced video decompression technology as the industry demands higher performance.  The TDR4022 combines the leadership of Radyne demodulator technology with proven Tiernan decoding to provide a complete IRD solution in a rugged 1U chassis. It is ideal for mobile broadcast contribution applications as well as monitoring in network and cable head end use. Noise temperature: 15K
L.O. stability: ±500 kHz
Typical service: 8000 Series
Input frequency (GHz):  3.40 to 4.20
L.O. frequency (GHz):  5.15
Output frequency (MHz):  950 to 1750
FastRack™ Model 4164 Professional Splitter Network
Designed by Field Service Techs with engineers in mind - best in its class!
Avcom RSA-2500B Remote Rackmount Spectrum Analyzer
Perfect for off-site and remote control monitoring
Price: $1,299.00
Preliminary RFQ Price: $925.00
You save $374.00!
Price: $3,795.00
Preliminary RFQ Price: $3,605.00
Replaces the Avcom RSA-45DE

You save $190.00!
The Vincor FASTRACK™ Model FR-4164 is equipped with (2) five-way 0.95-2.0 GHz, 0 dB Gain splitters in a 1 Rack Unit (RU) Chassis.  Each splitter has a monitor connector on the front panel and (4) outputs on the back panel.  (2) individual 115 VAC input power supplies provide a diode OR'd +22 VDC voltage to power the LNB�s through DC power inserters.  Each LNB power line is separately fused.  A surge suppressor on each LNB input protects against high voltage transients.  On the front panel, green LED's indicate the presence of +22 VDC at each LNB power supply output and DC voltage test points allow monitoring of the LNB voltage with a voltmeter.  Custom configurations are available. MADE IN U.S.A. • Lab View GUI
• 5-2500 MHz L-Band Satellite
• Dual Resolution Bandwidth
• User Screen Memories
• Remote Monitor Via PC using Avcom NCSA software
Norsat® 4506 A Ku-Band DRO LNB ETI's ASM-1
Smart Manifold
Price: $109.00
Preliminary RFQ Price: $89.00
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Typical Service: 4506A
Input frequency (GHz) 11.70 to 12.20
L.O. frequency (GHz) 10.75
Output frequency (MHz) 950 to 1450
Noise figure:  0.6
L.O. stability:  ±500 kHz
The ASM–1 Smart Manifold automated air manifold distributes low pressure dry air from one or more sources to one or more transmission lines. Output pressure is configurable between 0.10 psig and 7.50 psig (7mbar – 517mbar) in 0.01 psig (0.67mbar) increments. Factory default pressure is 0.5 psig (34.5mbar). Operational monitoring and alarms are software based making them highly configurable in the field. Future software features can be installed while in service over the internet or local Ethernet network.

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PICO PRO Handheld Signal Analysis Meter
Full-channel operation 5-870 MHz Frequency Range
(Channels T7-T13, 2-135)

Our Price: $574.00
The Pico Macom PICO-PRO is a full-featured handheld signal performance meter providing a complete signal test system in easy-to-carry protective case. The PICO-PRO allows choice of 4 pre-programmed user-selectable band plans accessed via keypad entry for easy measurement of broadcast, CATV, CATV/HRC, and SUB/VHF channels.  Direct-entry channel or frequency tuning selections provide maximum flexibility in headends and distribution networks that employ narrow digital signals, or non-standard frequency applications.

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NEW! LNB Power Supply
Preliminary RFQ Price: $89.00
FastRack™ Model 282 Professional Splitter Network
Designed by Field Service Techs with engineers in mind - best in its class!
Preliminary RFQ Price: $840.00

New SatCom Products

Terrasat 100-Watt IBUC C-Band Block Upconverter
5.850 - 6.425 GHz
Sale Price: $16,845.00
Custom Waveguide: Twistable (Flex)

Configure for RFQ only
Custom Waveguide: Rigid Straight Waveguide

Configure for RFQ only
Terrasat 80-Watt IBUC Ku-Band Block Upconverter
14.0 to 14.5 GHZ
Sale Price: $29,244.00
Tiernan HD4040 Professional High-Definition 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 Decoder

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