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MFC Model 12086 Satcom Transmit/Rejection Filter
Price: $195.00
Preliminary RFQ Price: $175.00
You save $20.00!

The device is installed between the antenna and the LNA in the receive segment of satellite earth terminals. It is also used in C-band transceiver applications to isolate up-link and down-link signals.
The unit offers extremely low loss, typically less than 0.04 dB on the receive signals, while providing a high degree of transmit rejection, ranging from 50 to 80 dB, depending upon the model.
MFC Model 13961 C-Band Interference Filter
Lightweight, low-profile bandpass filter
Price: $395.00
Preliminary RFQ Price: $349.00
You save $46.00!

The Model 13961 is a lightweight, low-profile C-band bandpass fi lter and is ideal for multifeed applications requiring side-by-side placement of filters (adequate radome clearance is required).  This unit virtually eliminates interference caused by navigational communications (radar) of commercial and military aircraft, as well as coastal and marine vessels operating at frequencies above and below the C-band.
MFC Model 7893D (7894D) C-Band Radar Elimination Filter
Compatible with Digital LNB's!
Eliminate Out-of-Band Interference at your C-Band Receive Antenna
Price: $495.00
Preliminary RFQ Price: $425.00
You save $70.00!

Eliminate Out-of-Band Interference at your C-Band receive Antenna!  The Series 7893D (7894D) waveguide bandpass filter is installed between a TVRO feedhorn and the LNA or LNB to suppress strong out-of-band interference caused by marine or airport radar systems.  Coastal and marine navigational radar frequencies (2.9-3.65 GHz) are just below the TVRO band and frequently wipe-out transponders 1-5 in TVRO's installed near harbors. The airport altimeter band (4.25-4.40 GHz) will affect channels 22-24 at TVRO sites near airports.
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